I am an undergraduate student at Illinois Tech pursuing a degree in Aerospace engineering with a minor in Astrophysics. I will be starting my third year in the Fall of 2022 after spending the last couple of years completing my Associate of Engineering degree at the City Colleges of Chicago. I plan to continue my research and look forward to integrating my engineering skills into future astrophysics projects. The advances of the JPL and NASA research teams have been the driving inspiration in my pursuit of a career in research. I believe that space travel will be able to solve some of the core questions the universe is offering. The advances we've made in understanding physics terrestrially are expansive, but pairing that with the ability to go beyond our atmosphere will be the next step. Asteroids and exoplanets are not resource troves to be exploited but frontiers to be explored that will help bridge the gaps in our understanding.

This summer I spent my time with Sasha Tchekhovskoy and Nick Kaaz researching the mechanics of black hole jet formations. The work was entirely simulational but helped me gain a better understanding of core principles of general relativity and programming. I look forward to continuing my work with them in the future.