Woodkensia Charles

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Undergrad: Haverford College

About me

Hello beautiful humans, welcome to my website. I'm Woodkensia Charles though many people may know me as Woody. Currently, I am pursuing a major in physics with a minor in astronomy at Haverford College, located in Pennsylvania. Since the summer of 2021, I have had the privilege of delving into the study of granular systems using photoelastic particles under the guidance of Principal Investigator Ted Brzinski at Haverford College. In the following summer of 2022, I had the remarkable opportunity to immerse myself in the realm of cosmological physics at Simons Foundation and Cornell University. This incredible experience was made possible through the Simon Foundation-National Black Physicist Society (S-NSBP) program. During this time, I dust cleaned the Cosmic Microwave Background at the Flatiron Institute, under the mentorship of Steve Choi and Zach Huber. Transitioning into the fall of 2022, I studied the implications of neutrino flavors and their impact on the Cosmic Microwave Background under the guidance of Principal Investigator Daniel Grin at Haverford College. The summer of 2023 brought another exciting chapter as I delved into theoretical particle physics. My studies led me to Northwestern University's Physics and Astronomy Department and CIERA, where I participated in the CIERA REU program. Here, I studied the T-invariance violations in neutrino oscillations under Professor Andre de Gouvea and his graduate students, Grace Reesman and Olivia Meredith Bitter.