Feedback In Realistic Enviornments

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FIRE is a suite of fully cosmological "zoom in" galaxy simulations who seek to understand the role of stellar feedback. The gas in the FIRE simulations follow ionized, atomic and molecular cooling curves, star formation occurs in dense self-gravitating regions and every star particle is treated as a single stellar population with a specific metallicity and mass. It employs GIZMO, a modern mesh-free hydro solver (Hopkins 2014) . The feedback prescription in FIRE include the calculations of radiation pressure, supernovae rates, stellar winds, photo-ionization and photo-electric heating. We further analyze galaxies in the FIRE-2 (Latte simulation) (Hopkins et al. 2017) which now include newer physics like magnetic fields and anisotropic diffusion. The simulations on FIRE-2 are also of higher resolution in comparison to FIRE-1.


The image above is a mock aitoff projection of the Latte Simulation which better resolve the ISM of Milky Way-like galaxies. The analysis of my research found in this website are based on this Latte simulation.